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Jamie Smith
Vice President Education, APICS DC Metro Chapter

We've collected a number of tools to help people navigate the learning arena and ensure you make the best training investment. Here you will find:

What's in it for me?

Compares the benefits of our professional development events from three different perspectives; the individual, the employer, and the customer. Click here for comparison.

Professional Needs Assessment

Our professional needs assessment has been carefully researched from independent sources. It details the skills required for 27 different job descriptions within the Operations and Supply Chain career fields. We've cross-referenced them to APICS offerings so you can develop the exact training program to fill your workforce's knowledge gap. Click here to to view the assessment.

Value Proposition

APICS DC Metro's value proposition differentiates our offerings from the many training options available in our local area. Click here to view our value proposition.


Our instructors are key to our success. They go through rigorous training and exceed very high perfomance standards. According to feedback we receive, first-time pass rates for our students is consistently higher (by double digits) than national averages. Click here for detailed information about our instructors.

APICS Programs/Certification

Below is a highlight of key APICS programs and certifications to help you better understand which one is right for your needs:

APICS Principles of Operations Management (POM):  This basic knowledge transfer program has been developed for those new to operations management, for companies working to develop frontline employees’ fundamental skills or for large organizations seeking to establish core competencies or standardizes processes across teams. POM provides:

  • Core knowledge to increase efficiency, reduce non value-added activities and improve sustainability within an organization
  • Foundational skills and a common vocabulary between functional departments 
  • Opportunities to affirm understanding of concepts through performance checks, practice tests and exercises.

Among the topics presented are inventory planning and control, replenishment policies, break-even points, takt time and line balancing, priority planning and scheduling, materials and capacity planning and control, monitoring status and corrective actions on the plant floor along with distribution and logistics concepts.  Lean practices and bottleneck management techniques are embedded into all five modules of the Principles program.

Create a tailored curriculum customized to your own enterprise by selecting Sessions from different modules of the Principles program, with Participant Workbooks printed for your specific needs!

Click here for a detailed POM curriculum outline

Click here for POM pricing information

Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM): This program is the global standard of expertise for operations professionals. Every ERP system uses business rules originating from CPIM’s body of knowledge.  It includes five modules that distill over 50 years of industry best practices, enabling practitioners to optimize a firm's internal fulfillment processes. Its capstone course, Strategic Management of Resources, is the only local leadership training for strategic and business planning available outside of a Master’s graduate degree program.  Each module concludes with a rigorous exam.  Candidates must pass all 5 exams to earn the CPIM credential.

Click here for detailed CPIM program information

Click here for CPIM pricing information

Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP): From its release in 2006, this program has become the worldwide standard of expertise for supply chain professionals. CSCP consists of three modules that cover end-to-end supply chain management to optimize fulfillment within a global network of trading partners, extending beyond the four walls of your own enterprise.  Focusing on system wide concepts of collaboration, inventory visibility, risk mitigation and management, new software and process technologies and distribution network optimization, CSCP is perfect for consultants and senior level professionals from IT, procurement, marketing and sales, logistics as well as operations planners and schedulers.

Click here for detailed CSCP program information

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Supply Chain Operations Reference Professional (SCOR®-P): The SCOR® model describes business activities associated with all phases of satisfying a customer’s demand. The model itself is organized around the six primary management processes of Plan, Source, Make, Deliver, Return and Enable. Today public and private organizations and companies around the world use the model as a foundation for global and site-specific supply chain improvement projects.

SCOR spans all customer interactions (quote to cash), all physical material transactions (procure to payment, including equipment, supplies, spare parts, bulk product, software, etc.) and all market interactions (manufacturing, from the understanding of aggregate demand to the fulfillment of each order). 

The People section provides a means for managing talent in the supply chain by incorporating a standard for describing the expertise required to perform tasks and manage processes. SCOR’s skills management complements the existing process, metrics, and practice reference components by aligning people and their skills to the processes. 

Click here for detailed SCOR®-P program information

Click here for the SCOR quick reference

We offer courses throughout the year and often open registration early to allow for better scheduling. Please see our Home page and Calendar of Events page for the latest offerings and links to information and registration.

Finally, we want to acknowledge our local host companies. Without their support and involvement, we wouldn't be able to do what we do. Click here to see our supporting host site companies.

We've got a lot going on and more to come! 


Jamie Smith
Vice President, APICS DC Metro Chapter #127  


NOVA Supply Chain & Operations Management Courses

NOVA’s Workforce Development Division, in conjunction with the Association for Operations Management (APICS), is offering a series of five modules in Supply Chain & Operations Management. They’ll help to prepare you for the first Certified in Production & Inventory Management (CPIM) certification exam, “Basics of Supply Chain Management.” Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a senior manufacturing expert, APICS CPIM education is essential if you are involved in production and inventory management, operations, supply chain management, procurement, materials management, or purchasing. Modules include: (some modules will be offered in a future term)

  • Principles of Inventory Management
    • Both novices and intermediate-skilled inventory professionals will get an overview of best practices in lean management, inventory classification, forecasting and more. Topics include: carrying and ordering costs, lot sizing methods, levels of safety stock, independent demand items and strategic sourcing. 3.5 CEU | $1,195 
  • Principles of Operations Planning (POP)
  • Principles of Manufacturing Management (PMM)
  • Principles of Distribution & Logistics (PDL)
  • Principles of Managing Operations (PMO)


Customer Focused Supply Chain Management

This is a one-day overview of the essentials of Supply Chain Management (SCM) for those who seek to enter the field or those who may already work in a supply chain organization but are not directly involved in SCM. Instructor: Irvin Varkonyi, DC Metro APICS 0.6 CEU | $329

Managing Supply Chain Risk (NEW)

Explore different approaches to identifying, evaluating and maintaining the Supply Chain for organizational profitability and customer satisfaction. Learn how to collect, develop, and implement best practices in mitigating the impact of risk on Supply Chain, and expand your knowledge base on disruption elements in “Just-in-Time” concepts, Lean Inventories, and Outsourcing. 2.1 CEU | $650

Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) Exam Prep Workshop

The CSCP designation is ideal for logisticians, maintainers, ERP systems analysts, consultants engaged by DOD, large retailers, distributors, manufacturers, and those engaged in international trade or financing, ERP or BPR projects. Participants will receive extensive instruction in each of the three modules: Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management; Supply Chain Strategy, Design and Compliance; Implementation and Operations. Tuition includes all materials. 3.5 CEU | $2,350

 NOVA MyWorkforce website