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Continuing Education: Customer-focused Supply Chain Management - Nov 15 & Dec 13

November 15, 2018
9:00 AM EST - 4:00 PM EST

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Coyle Free Library
102 N Main St
Chambersburg, PA 17201
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This learning opportunity offers fundamental knowledge of the functions of SCM and is designed to quickly and effectively educate team members who interact with or support supply chain activities, helping to increase efficiency and generate ideas for improvements.

Course participants will more fully contribute to the cross-functional and inter-organizational processes of a successful supply chain. Further, the class serves as a stepping stone toward pursuing professional SCM certification via the APICS CSCP program.


Participants in this program will:

  1. Learn the basic terminology used in SCM and be able to more effectively communicate within their SCM teams and with those of their suppliers and customers
  2. Understand the basic elements of SCM and how improvements in processes and communication can lead to increased overall customer satisfaction and profitability
  3. Be more fully integrated as a part of the team supporting the increasingly important SCM function



Days and Times

Thursdays, November 15 and December 13; 9 a.m. −  4 p.m. 


Coyle Free Library, Chambersburg, PA


$885 (includes continental breakfast and lunch)



Who should attend

Supply chain professionals —all functions.


To register, please contact Continuing Education by calling 717-749-4118.

What will I learn

Learn the basic terminology used in SCM, understand the basic elements of SCM and how improvements in processes and communication can lead to increased overall customer satisfaction and profitability.

Topics and Subtopics

  • Defining Customer-focused SCM
  • Key Elements in Customer-focused SCM
  • Key Processes Supporting Customer-focused SCM


This course is appropriate for ALL functions as EVERY job is either a direct part of the supply chain (planning, purchasing, operations, warehousing, logistics, sales, service) or serves to support the supply chain (management, finance, engineering, quality, testing, maintenance, marketing, documentation, information systems, administration).

In addition, the course material would apply to EVERY business environment as all entities have a supply chain: manufacturing, distribution, retail, service, health care, non-profits, construction, government, defense industry, public utilities, academic institutions, etc.


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