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President's Report


A word form Sheryl Moles

With our cold weather, you might not think that Spring has arrived, but it has!  So, it’s time to get back into the exciting opportunities provided by your local Cumberland Valley Unit of DC Metro APICS.  From courses such as CPIM (Certified Production and Inventory Management) to the monthly programs being offered, we have something for everyone.  The monthly programs consist of taking tours of local businesses as well as professional development meetings, We hope to see you this year!

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Upcoming Courses and Events

 Tour Of Rauch Electronics

Thursday, April 25, 2019
5:30 PM to 7:00 PM

This is a free event - come join us and bring a friend!!

Rausch Electronics USA, LLC provides advanced and innovative products for pipe inspection and point repair.  Please join us for a tour of our USA production facility in Chambersburg.  The company is a subsidiary of Rausch GmbH, a German company that has been producing water and sewer inspection products since 1983.  While much of the primary equipment is manufactured in Germany, in this facility, customer requested vehicles are outfitted, commissioned, and serviced.  Along with the tour we will discuss who our customers are, how the equipment is utilized, the benefits and strengths of our products, and newly released offerings.   Snacks and sodas will be provided.

Last Call!

CPIM Part 1 Hagerstown Biweekly Apr-May 2019

Scope:  Introducing Supply Chain concepts and emphasizing basic terminology, the BSCM module traces the complete flow of inbound materials from suppliers--through planning processes, transformation operations, and materiel management--and distribution of end items to customers.  Get a comprehensive overview of successful operations strategies with a solid understanding of interfaces and cost tradeoffs to optimize Supply Chain performance. 

Who Should Attend?  Industry newcomers, logistics professionals, and those seeking to advance into management roles should take this course.  Anyone active in daily management of production planning, purchasing, logistics, or operations will bring home proven techniques to eliminate non-value-added activities, reduce costs, shorten cycle times, and improve Customer Service. 

Schedule:  This 25-hour workshop is being offered from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM on the Thursdays of April 4 & 25 and May 9 & 23, 2019.  Students must bring highlighters and a calculator with square root function to every session.  Substantial pre-course Reading Assignments are required for every session, including the first.  Cost of $2000 member/$2220 non-member bundle (includes 1 year membership) includes a Learning System, online access to, tuition and exam credit. Exam credits are valid for 6 months.                               

Curriculum:  Classes are highly interactive, consisting of reading assignments, exercises, discussions, videos, Final test plus multiple study tools.  The four days cover:

  • Businesswide Concepts: Supply Chain Fundamentals, Operating Environments and Financial Fundamentals
  • Demand Management: Market Driven, Voice of the Customer and Demand Management
  • Transformation of Demand into Supply: Product & Process Design, Capacity Management and Planning
  • Supply: Inventory, Purchasing Cycle and Distribution

CSCP and CLTD holders will earn 25 Certification Maintenance points by attending this course.

Meet Your Instructor: Jessica Flory, CPIM-F, CSCP-F, CLTD, MBA                     Jessica has worked in production control, demand planning and material planning in the heavy equipment manufacturing and automotive supply industries. She has provided workshops and consulting services to entrepreneurs and small business owners. Currently she delivers APICS CPIM, CLTD, and CSCP training, enhancing the curriculum to provide hands-on and engaging experiences for all students.

Have an idea for an Event or Tour?

Do you work at a place that apics could tour?

Our VP's of Programs would love to take your ideas and see what we can provide - so if you have a suggestion please let us know.

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Get to know a Board Member

Getting to Know the Leaders of DC Metro

Each newsletter, we plan to include a profile of one of the leaders that serve you at DC Metro APICS. 

Here is more about Sheryl Moles - Committee President

How did you first get involved with Apics?

A few months after I started working at JLG, Dave Flory, who was the Treasurer for the CUVA Chapter, started inviting me to APICS events.  He was also my manager at the time, so I felt it was a good idea to attend some of these events.

How did you get involved as a volunteer?

When the 2012-13 APICS year rolled around, they were looking for board members.  Dave asked if I would be interested and I started out as the VP of Programs.

How has Apics affected your career/life?

APICS is a great networking organization.  I've met people from other companies and industries.  I've also attended a lot of great tours and PDM's.  One of the PDM's I attended focused on listening skills, and to this day, I've tried to use the tips from that presentation in my life.

So, What do you do in your free time?

I enjoy traveling and try to visit a new place each year.  Last year, we went to Puerto Rico, the year before we took a road trip through England, Wales and Scotland.

What is a fun fact that most people dont know about you?

I'm a big dog lover and currently have two dogs: a pug named Winston and a Chihuahua/Jack Russell mix named Pebbles.

Thank you to Sheryl for allowing us to learn more about her, and thank you for your service to the chapter.


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