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President's Report

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Welcome to another issue of the DC Metro / Cumberland Valley APICS Newsletter.  The aim of this publication is to keep you informed of current and recent events, educational information, and updates. 

Hope everyone is staying safe. With the current state of affairs, it is difficult not to have a brief discussion on the impacts of COVID-19 and the impact the pandemic is having on the world. It is causing a surge of change and altered perspectives in the area of Supply Chain management.

Evaluation Impacts include:

  • Supply Chain Resilience – the definition of supply chain excellence must be expanded beyond cost effectiveness and on-time performance.
  • A Turbocharged Technology Change – whether it be 3D printing (on-site material replenishment), drone delivery, AI warehouse management systems, remote working environments, etc.
  • Dramatic (and sometimes overwhelming) Consumer Demand Changes - in Healthcare, Consumer Packaged Goods, and Delivery methods. The impacts are business, family, and life changing.
  • Vaccine Distribution – after a vaccine is released it will become necessary to navigate supply chain hurdles through the development of a highly coordinated distribution strategy that takes into account vaccine prioritization.
  • Labor Lockdown Impacts – labor variability and availability which can depend on the characteristics of production and delivery.
  • Locality Impacts – there are impact to supply chains between Counties, States and Countries given differing responses to the pandemic.


These are but a few Supply Chain impacts that have caused a re-evaluation of current methods and processes. While everyone’s desire is to get back to a pre-COVID status, the changes and lessons learned from this situation will enable us to improve upon the ASCM / APICS foundation and (hopefully) lessen the impact of future pandemics and other unexpected events (trade wars, act of terrorism, supplier bankruptcy, shifts in available labor, etc.).

Moving closer to home, we are working on several interactive webinars that we hope to be announcing soon. Please help us serve you by participating in our survey!

We look forward to interacting with you in the upcoming webinars and planned training and we encourage your participation.

All the best,

Greg, Jodi, Gerry



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Upcoming Programs

Looking for a virtual PDM?? We have just that! Check it out!

Supply Chain Risk & Resilience (SCR&R)

October 20, 2020 6:00-7:30PM

Gregory L. Schlegel

Greg is Founder of The Supply Chain Risk Management Consortium- (28) companies who bring skills, solutions and methodologies that Identify, Assess, Mitigate and Manage Supply Chain Risk. He has been a Supply Chain Executive for several Fortune 100’s, has been a Supply Chain Executive Consultant for IBM, is Executive-in-Residence at Lehigh University teaching Supply Chain Risk Management, Adjunct Professor teaching Enterprise Risk Management for Villanova University’s EMBA program and VP/Principal at SherTrack LLC.

Irvin Varkonyi
Irv is President of Supply Chain Operations Preparedness Education (SCOPE), a firm offering training and  consulting in organizational preparedness for private and public sector organizations. SCOPE seeks to add value to organizations through training human capital and improving their ability to focus on the urgency of organizational balance by optimizing operational performance while simultaneously minimizing organizational vulnerability. He is a member of the Supply Chain Risk Management Consortium and adjunct professor at American Military University and University of Denver teaching supply chain risk management,  transportation logistics and security management. 


Session overview:

In collaboration with the Supply Chain Risk Management Consortium, is excited to present our online Supply Chain Risk & Resilience (SCR&R) course to APICS DC Metro members.
Historically, showing a hard ROI for risk management initiatives has been a difficult sell. This new course provides knowledge and tools to guide you through understanding the choices available to your organization to manage supply chain risk and enhance the resiliency required for long term sustainability and profitability.
We invite all supply chain professionals, who are grappling with COVID-19 supply chain recovery planning, to join the course authors in exploring how supply chain strategies driven primarily by cost management and delivery improvements are no longer comprehensive enough to ensure competitive success.

This is a free event.


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Chapter News


Here is a sneak peak at a class we are holding and how they have taken measures to ensure everyone's safety durning the pandemic but still offer in person instruction.

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Crossword Fun

Brain buster

Test out your supply chain knowledge with this fun crossword puzzle, answers will be provided on the next newsletter.





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On-Time Schedule Performance

A measure (%) of meeting the customer's originally negotiated delivery request date. Performance can be expressed as a percentage based on the number of orders, line items, or dollar value shipped on time.

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