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President's Report

A note from Gerald Verno:

We have been busy at the DC Metro chapter all ready this year. We have several events scheduled over the next five months which cover everything you will need to develop your career skills. Please check our web page for the upcoming dates. We are also preparing for a big event in the DC area coming in May. We will keep everyone updated as the information comes out.

We are looking forward to meeting everyone at these events and hearing your thoughts.


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Upcoming Courses and Events

Please join us for the following events

Beck Manufacturing/Anvil International Tour

January 30th 5:30pm in Waynesboro, PA


Please join us for a tour of the production facility in Waynesboro that produces pipe fittings and grooved parts. The plant will be working, so please wear steel toed shoes, eye protection, and hearing protection, if you do not have we will have on site, as all of the listed protection is required for the duration of the tour. We look forward to seeing you there! 

Gary Pezzuti presents, It's Not About You...It's About How You Can Help"


Thursday, February 28, 2019
5:30 PM to 8:00 PM


John Allison Public House
155 South Antrim Way
Greencastle, PA 17225

Whether preparing a resume, sitting for an interview/performance review, addressing your team or presenting to the Board of Directors… it’s not about you!! Simply being good – or great – at your role is not enough. In fact it often hinders one’s growth because they approach life with a ‘Look what I can do’ and/or ‘I want… I deserve… I’m entitled to…’ attitude.

At some point in our lives, MOST of us realized that the world did not revolve around us… and what WE wanted. When the shock of this realization wore off most learned to accept this truth and still reach for our goals, albeit hampered by this restricting reality. However, some see the beauty of this arrangement as the ultimate “We all can win” approach to life including work, relationships and personal achievements.

This session's objective is to provide the innovative with specific tools to be used across life’s spectrum: from preparing resumes, conducting performance reviews, dealing with suppliers/customers, addressing top management, and asking for a raise/promotion to courting, marriage and rearing children.


We will:

  • Learn how to identify what ‘they’ want
  • Discuss how to present ‘Relevant Experience’.
  • Examine the 80/20 and 70+/5/<25 rules
  • Practice How Can I Help vs. WII-FM approaches
  • Provide the tools to expand your perspective, effectiveness, and career options




5:30 pm: sign in/meet and greet/order meals 

6:00 pm: dinner

6:30 pm: presentation of "Its not about you...Its about how you can help"

7:30 pm: Q&A, open discussion, and closure

7:45-8 pm: informal conversation and departure

Learn about the instructor:

Gary Pezzuti of Summit Group has spent the past 40+ years as a Placement Professional serving most of the manufacturing sector and specializing in "Contingency Search" and "Interim Professionals". He has observed evolutionary changes in hiring procedures as well as the emergence of numerous "magical marketing techniques". And while there are no magic pills, Gary has developed an efficient method of teaching candidates more effective ‘real life’ presentation techniques... satisfying the desires of the candidates as well as fulfilling the requirements of the position and the expectations of the hiring authorities.

In addition, Gary has been a member of North Jersey APICS since 1981; presently serves as Treasurer for Central Jersey APICS and Treasurer for West Jersey APICS. He is also the 2012 APICS International Volunteer of the Year.


Do you have ideas for PDM's or places you want to tour? Please contact one of our program board members with any ideas you may have today!

Courses Currently being offered


Building upon the basics of supply chain management learned within CPIM Part 1 (a required prerequisite), CPIM Part 2 combines the four previous modules (and exams) of MPR, DSP, ECO and SMR into a single course.  This second half of the CPIM program shows students how to implement proven methods to optimize an enterprise's internal fulfillment processes. Lean, Six Sigma and SCOR principles are embedded throughout this entire curriculum.

You are eligible to take Part 2 if they you have passed the old BSCM test in the last 10 years, or the new CPIM Part 1 test in the last 3 years.  If you meet this prerequisite requirement, then passing the Part 2 test is the only other requirement in order to become CPIM certified!

Registration closes March 11, 2019. When: 8am to 4pm on the five Thursdays of 3/28, 4/11, 4/25, 5/9, and 5/23.  


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Get to know a Board Member

Getting to Know the Leaders of DC Metro

Each newsletter, we plan to include a profile of one of the leaders that serve you at DC Metro APICS. 

Here is a short profile and my interview with:  


Treasurer, APICS, DC Metro and Advisor to the Cumberland Valley Committee

Dave is currently a Sr. Scheduling Manager at JLG Industries division of Oshkosh Corporation.  He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Delaware and an MBA from the University of Maryland.  Dave maintains certifications through APICS as a CFPIM, CIRM, as well as CSCP ; through PMI as a PMP; and through IBF as a ACPF.  He has over 25 years of experience in the manufacturing sector, working as a manufacturing planner, buyer, commodity manager, trainer, supervisor, department manager, project manager, program manager, and various roles within S&OP.

Dave has worked extensively with APICS throughout his career, speaking at various chapter events and conferences and serving as an instructor for Fundamentals Courses, CPIM and CIRM certification review courses, as well as facilitating APICS Train-the-Trainer and Learning Dynamics for Instructors workshops.

Dave resides in Greencastle, PA with his wife, Jessica; son, Ben; and daughter, Kaia.

How did you get involved in APICS?

When I was doing my undergrad at the University of Delaware , Dr. Mike Pohlen would load as many of us as he could fit in his car and take us to Professional Development Meetings to hear speakers, go on plant tours, and meet professionals who were working in the field and might one day be our employers.  As we covered the material in the Operations Management curriculum, he would point out areas that would be covered on the CPIM examinations.  He suggested that once we got out in the “real world” that we might want to join a local chapter, take review classes, and earn APICS certification.

Did you follow his advice?

Actually, yes, I did.  I worked for a small company that didn’t have a continuing education program, so I paid for the classes out of my own pocket.  Back then there were 6 modules.  I met a lot of great people in those classes and was inspired by some really proficient instructors.  That investment really paid off too, as I was able to advance my career and join a much larger, more progressive company, JLG Industries.

How did you first get involved as a volunteer?

A fellow named Rick Rossman was the past president of the Lancaster-York chapter where I lived at the time.  He was the chair of the nominating committee and asked me to join their board.  Since I already knew many of the instructors from class, I worked in Education, setting up classes and handling registration and logistics of the classes.  They had a great board and I met other volunteers both in that chapter and in others neighboring chapters who helped me immensely as my career developed.  The only time I’ve ever been laid off, the first call I got was from one of those “elder statesman” volunteers.  He took me to lunch, told me to “keep my chin up,” helped me with my resume, and gave me some interview pointers – and soon thereafter, I scored a better job than the one I had been laid off from!  Bruce has since passed, but I still remember his helpful kindness.  APICS people are like that – it’s like a family.

Wow, it sounds like APICS has really contributed a lot to your career!

Oh, you have no idea!  When I served on the board in Lancaster-York, they sponsored me to take the APICS Train-the-Trainer class.  At the time I thought I was taking it to get a better understanding of what the instructors were doing to prepare and deliver their classes.  However, it was a life-changing experience.  My class was led by Harvey McChesney and John Allen, two of the best instructors I’ve ever met.  These guys were real pros!  The skills I learned and practiced in this class were not only applicable in in the classroom, but in the workplace, communicating with suppliers, and even outside of work.  I eventually began instructing APICS classes myself and even joined the team that taught Train-the-Trainer and another course called Learning Dynamics for Instructors that had even more information about how people learn.  The confidence I found in this area translates to public speaking, management, and even personal relationships!

So, APICS work carried over into your personal life?

Oh my, yes!  In fact, I met my wife through APICS!

You’ve got to be kidding!

No, my wife – before she was my wife – was the President of the Cumberland Valley APICS chapter.  In fact, now she teaches all of the APICS curriculum.  Our children are the only little kids I know who use terms from the APICS Dictionary!

So education is important to the Flory’s? 

Yes!  My wife also teaches English to Chinese children via the internet.  People are like trees:  they’re either growing or dying.  Each time my career takes a turn, I try to learn as much as I can about best practice in that area.  That is how I ended up with so many certifications.  When I got involved in Project Management, I earned a Project Management Professional certification from the Project Management Institute; when I got involved in sales and operation planning, I earned an Advanced Certified Professional Forecaster certification from the Institute of Business Forecasting; but my APICS certifications (CFPIM, CIRM, and CSCP) have always been the central since I’ve spent most of my career in operations and supply chain management.

So, what do you do in your “free” time?

Well, Jessica and I like to spend time with members of our church, and of course, with our families, who live nearby.  Our children have their activities and friends from school as well, so we’ve gotten to know many of the parents.  When there is a quiet moment (which doesn’t happen a lot!) I like to read and I do a little amateur woodworking – it’s a hobby I’d like to develop more when I retire.  Our family enjoys vacations to the beach and to visit family in Canada, Colorado, or Michigan.

What’s a “fun fact” that most people don’t know about you?

I designed the first house I ever owned, with some input from Scott McCarty, who is another APICS volunteer that I met while working on a local conference called Congress for Progress.  The house was in the woods on the side of a ridge.  It had a big garage and shop, but no front door – which confused solicitors and other visitors who were unfamiliar with the layout.   After I got married and we had a family, we outgrew the place so we moved to Greencastle.

Any other closing thoughts?

I hope each of you appreciate the benefits APICS can provide.  Like many things, what you put into it multiplies and comes back to you.  If you are interested in getting more involved, we’d love to hear from you!  Who knows, along the way you may grow in ways you never expected, or earn a promotion, or get a great new job, or make life-long friends (we can’t guarantee you’ll find your soul mate – but at least one of us did!)  I’d love to hear from you.  E-mail me at [email protected]



Thank you to Dave Flory for all of his work on our board and for allowing us to learn more about him. Thank you Dave!

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