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President's Report

Thanks for taking time to read the latest news from the DC Metro ASCM Chapter!


Welcome to another issue of the DC Metro ASCM Newsletter.  The aim of this publication is to keep you informed of current and recent events, educational information, and updates. 


We wanted to welcome our new members from the APICS Baltimore and Apple Valley Chapters.  As we work through both the mergers and are looking forward to working with the new teams from those area.  As many of you probably already know APICS is transitioning / rebranding to the Association for Supply Chain Management (or ASCM). 


We would love to talk with any new (or existing) members interested in volunteering their valuable time to Chair Committees, serve on the Board, assist with PDM’s, Tours, or Training.  Having said this we are working on several interactive webinars that we hope to be announcing soon.


We look forward to networking with you in the upcoming webinars and planned trainings and we encourage your participation.


Stay safe and all the best,

Greg, Jodi & Gerry




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Upcoming Courses and Events

Hurry Registation Deadlines are quickly approaching!!!

10 Week Online class starting on Tuesday, April 13, 2021 and will finish on Tuesday, June 15th from 5:30PM to 9:30 PM each Tuesday.  Registration Deadline is March 30, 2021

Scope:  CLTD covers concepts, tools and processes which illustrate the supply chain-wide system perspective of logistics.  CLTD emphasizes the microanalysis of logistics, distribution and transportation services. Managing a logistics systems requires oversights of transportation, order processing, inventory and the combination of warehousing, material handling and packaging.  All these components are integrated through a network of facilities with a goal to support customer service, manufacturing and purchasing operational requirements.

Who Should Attend?  Industry newcomers, logistics professionals, importers and exporters, 3PLs and 4PLs will learn the latest technologies and LTD trends.  Anyone active in daily management of warehousing or working within a multi-level distribution network will benefit from the best practices presented in this workshop, as will anyone involved in the transportation modes of trucking, rail, ocean, airline or pipeline operations.

Cost:  Substantial pre-course Reading Assignments are required for every session, including the first.  Cost of $2795 Member/$3015 Nonmember includes tuition and exam fee plus the following materials:

                    2020 CLTD Learning System

                    Online study tools access

                    CLTD Exam credit (valid for 6 months)                               

Curriculum:  Classes are highly interactive, with reading assignments, exercises, discussions, quizzes, demos, videos, plus multiple study tools.  The five days cover:

 1.  Logistics & Supply Chain Overview                       5.   Transportation

2.  Capacity Planning & Demand Management          6.   Global Logistics Considerations

3.  Order Management                                                7.   Logistics Network Design

4.  Inventory & Warehouse Management                   8.   Reverse Logistics & Sustainability

Meet your instructor:

Dr. Kandis Y. Boyd, PMP, CLTD

Kandis has over 25 years of experience in federal government project management where she spearheaded acquisition and procurement activities for scientific and technical projects. She has provided workshops and consulting services to senior service executives (SES), academic researchers, corporate boards, entrepreneurs and small business owners. She has served as a trainer in both her professional and personal endeavors for over 20 years. Currently she delivers APICS CLTD, training, enhancing the curriculum to provide hands-on and engaging experiences for all students.

CPIM & CSCP holders will earn 35 Certification Maintenance points by attending this course.


Registration Deadline is Friday, March 26th 2021

Scope:  Introducing Supply Chain concepts and emphasizing basic terminology, the Basics of Supply Chain Management module traces the complete flow of inbound materials from suppliers--through planning processes, transformation operations, and materiel management--and distribution of end items to customers.  Get a comprehensive overview of successful operations strategies with a solid understanding of interfaces and cost tradeoffs to optimize Supply Chain performance. 

Who Should Attend?  Industry newcomers, logistics professionals, and those seeking to advance into management roles should take this course.  Anyone active in daily management of production planning, purchasing, logistics, or operations will bring home proven techniques to eliminate non-value-added activities, reduce costs, shorten cycle times, and improve Customer Service. 

Schedule:  This 24-hour workshop is being offered from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM EST on the Wednesdays of April 7-28 and May 5-26, 2021.  Students must bring highlighters and a calculator with square root function to every session.  Substantial pre-course Reading Assignments are required for every session, including the first.  Cost of $2000 member/$2220 non-member bundle (includes 1 year membership) includes a Learning System, online access to, tuition and exam credit. Exam credits are valid for 6 months.  Registration closes March 24 in order to deliver material to you in time for the first class.                             

Curriculum:  Classes are highly interactive, consisting of reading assignments, exercises, discussions, videos, Final test plus multiple study tools.  The eight sessions cover:

  • Businesswide Concepts: Supply Chain Fundamentals, Operating Environments and Financial Fundamentals
  • Demand Management: Market Driven, Voice of the Customer and Demand Management
  • Transformation of Demand into Supply: Product & Process Design, Capacity Management and Planning
  • Supply: Inventory, Purchasing Cycle and Distribution

CSCP and CLTD holders will earn 25 Certification Maintenance points by attending this course.

Meet Your Instructor: Jessica Flory, CPIM-F, CSCP-F, CLTD, MBA                     Jessica has worked in production control, demand planning and material planning in the heavy equipment manufacturing and automotive supply industries. She has provided workshops and consulting services to entrepreneurs and small business owners. Currently she delivers APICS CPIM, CLTD, CSCP and Principles training, enhancing the curriculum to provide hands-on and engaging experiences for all students. She is the 2019 recipient of the Joni Holeman Distinguished Instructor Award.

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Chapter News

Company Appreciation- Companies that sponsor and advocate the APICS chapter's mission should be formally recognized in a manner that promotes further involvement in the APICS organization.

Award Presented to Rausch Electronics USA, LLC


Pictured: Jeremy Poffenberger - Controller, Greg Hall – President, Faith Crouse – Material Manager, Pedro Diaz – Marketing Manager.


Instructor Recognition- APICS education is a major part of many chapters, recognizing instructors is way to appreciate them for service and increase instructor performance and job satisfaction.

Joni Holeman Distinguished Instructor Award started in 2018 and is presented yearly at the discretion of the APICS DC Metro Board of Directors to Honor a distinguished instructor for the contribution to APICS DC Metro and whose actions exemplify a performance of excellence in teaching of the APICS Body of Knowledge.

Award Presented to Yu-Cheng Chien

Previous Distinguished Instructor Award recipients include:

Jessica Flory- FY2018/2019

Volunteer Appreciation- In a volunteer organization it is easy to forget that leaders give their time freely to APICS and the mission of the APICS chapter.  Recognizing leaders is way to appreciate them for service and increase volunteer satisfaction.

Maryanne Ross Award of Excellence- started in 2014 Award to Honor Outstanding Dedication and Service to the chapter; the expansion of the APICS Body of Knowledge; and promotion of APICS within the community, the APICS Cumberland Valley Committee presents the Maryanne Ross Award of Excellence.

Award Presented to David Flory

David Flory is being recognized for FY2019/2020 Mary Anne Ross award for his contributions to APICS DC Metro. 

Previous Maryanne Ross Award of Excellence recipients include:

Manitowoc- FY2015/2016

Joni Holeman FY2016/2017

Robert Kling, FY2017/2018

Phil Gaudiano FY2018/2019

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Crossword Fun

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Activity-based management

The use of activity-based costing information about cost pools and drivers, activity analysis, and buisness processes to identify buisness strategies; improve product design, manufacturing, and distribution; and remove waste from operations. 

Get the app on your smart phone or tablet today!!! 




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